The government of Castilla-La Mancha will request the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer the competencies to be the regional administration who will manage the two national parks that are in their territory, such as cabanamen and tables De Daimiel.

The deputy of the environment, Agapito Portillo, has explained, in statements to Europa Press, that the intention of his department is to reach “a fair agreement” in which this transfer of competencies “is accompanied by the necessary resources for the Maintenance of the park will continue to be carried out.

Although he said that this type of negotiations “are usually slow,” he hopes that this process culminate before the end of this legislature.

“I’m sure it will be done.” The most delicate point is that it brings the necessary tools for the maintenance of these jewels to be possible, and for this it is important the economic allocation, he pointed out.

State of health of C-LM wetlands

Following this week of Wetlands Day, Portillo has asserted that the situation of the wetlands of Castilla-La Mancha “has improved” in recent years, especially by “the policies that have been carried out” in recent years.

“Everything has changed remarkably.” Aquifer levels have recovered, and wetlands present a reasonable state of health, he said, although he has warned that “that does not mean that we have to fall asleep on the laurels.”

It has emphasized that the reserve of wetlands Castilian-Manchegos is of 418,000 hectares, adding that they can be “an important tourist resource”. “There are real gems like the Lagunas de Ruidera, the Tablas de Daimiel or the Laguna del Hito,” he argued.


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