In the farm house "Finca los birds" We love animals, so we know that they are a member of the family, and we will give you all the facilities so you can come with them.

Your pets will always be welcome, but we ask that during your stay you have to consider certain conditions for a good stay of all the tenants, and the good conservation of the facilities. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

What conditions should I meet to take my pet to the Finca los Birds?

In the Finca The birds you can come accompanied by your pet, provided that a number of conditions are fulfilled in benefit of the tranquility of all the guests, and the care of the farm and its surroundings.

  • Before coming to the farm the birds with your pet, we ask you to warn us in advance. From the Finca Los Birds we reserve the right of admission according to the characteristics of these pets.
  • Pets must always be supervised, and although they can "run around" and have fun throughout the farm, they will always do so under the responsibility of the tenant.
  • When there are other guests on the farm they should always go with their leash properly tied to the neck.
  • Pets will not be able to sleep or rest in the furniture of the house, and they must bring their own bed or nest.
  • The hygiene rules must be complied with, and the owner will be responsible for collecting any excrement or dirt produced by the animal, and depositing it in the corresponding waste bins.
  • The bathrooms and showers of the farm for pets should not be used, as well as towels and cleaning appliances.
  • Pets will never access the kitchen or spa area.
  • The owner will be responsible for any possible damage caused by your pet.
  • The stay in the Finca Los Birds with a pet implies the complete acceptance of these conditions, which will be signed by the owner.