There is a term that is becoming strong in recent times, and that little by little it has gained followers. Have you heard about the Circular Economy? Surely yes, and if you have not done it yet we will describe it to you with very few words.

The Circular Economy is a system of resource use, following the cyclical model of nature, where it is committed to the minimum production of the product, and the reuse of all those elements that by their nature are not suitable to return to the environment.

Consequently, it is decided to use as much as possible the biodegradable products for the manufacture of consumer goods, and that these can be recovered by nature by exhausting their useful life. And in the event that this is not possible, use the so-called “eco-friendly” products, which although they can not be recovered by nature (such as electronic components, or batteries for example), they may be partial or fully recycled to be incorporated into a new production cycle of the product, and give it a new utility. In this way we will obtain a product that has taken advantage of depleted materials, and that do not become part of useless and polluted waste.

And the curious thing about this concept is that Circular Economy is beneficial not only for the care of the planet, but also for one’s own pocket.

Recently the newspaper “El País” has published an interesting report starring children in which all this is explained clearly. You can visit in this link.

And following these principles is how the Casa Rural Los Pájaros has been built. In its construction we have taken advantage of materials that would not have been used in any other way, giving them a new and useful life. Or we have used natural materials that will be incorporated into the environment over time.

Did you know that the rooms of the Casa Rural, and its main structures, are made with truck trailers ?. And most importantly, it is a construction as solid and comfortable as any other.