The main hallmark of the Rural house Los Pájaros in sustainability, but we also wanted to take into account at the time of its construction the accessibility.

And it is that we have designed the ground floor of the house without a single architectural barrier, being able to traverse it entirely without finding the slightest obstacle in its path. In this way people with reduced mobility, and even older people and prams, can travel all this space in a comfortable way.

We remember that on this ground floor there are two bedrooms with their corresponding bathrooms, which are adapted with all the necessary elements, as well as the main hall and the kitchen.

The Living room

Casa Rural Los Pájaros - Salón Principal

The kitchen

Casa Rural Los Pájaros - Dormitorio

The dorms

Casa Rural Los Pájaros - Dormitorio

The bathrooms

Casa Rural Los Pájaros - Baño

The outside

Casa Rural Los Pájaros - Exterior